About Us

How we became Undine's Retreat . . .

Undine Miller of Undines Retreat Day Spa ChilliwackWhen I was born, my Oma chose the name Undine, because she liked that it was different. Undine is derived from Latin and means "the wave".

I was born and raised in Germany at the edge of our beautiful Black Forest. I have resided in Canada since 1980 and I have to say that my soul belongs to Germany and my heart is in Canada. My background is Hotel & Restaurant management. Due to my husband's military career, we moved a lot and I had to adjust my professional aspirations. Upon our arrival in Chilliwack in 1994, I provided clerical and German translation services from our home. But it was a lonely task. I missed the interaction with people.

In 1999, I was given my first-ever Aromatherapy Treatment in the Family Wellness Centre here in town. That was the turning point for me: I wanted to make people feel as good as I felt after the treatment!

During my off-hours at Pharmasave, where I worked as a Beauty Advisor since 1996, I studied to become a certified Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. The owner of Vedder Pharmasave, at that time Mr. Allan MacDonald, had a treatment room built in the back of the store by the dispensary. In between advising customers about hair colours and makeup, I was also able to provide treatments. It became my passion. I will forever be thankful to "Mr. Mac" as we called him. If he had not given me the opportunity, I would be somewhere else right now.

Another door opened when I was hired as a Bodyworker at the then newly renovated Spa of Harrison Hot Spring Resort & Spa. I loved my job, but knew that I would be able to provide better services in a different setting. Hence we renovated our home and part of it became "Undine's Retreat, the little Spa in Vedder" in 2001. I shared the facilities with an aesthetician and shiatsu practitioner. It became very busy so we decided to move into a professional building, our existing address, in 2003.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family, a hard-working team of professionals, and loyal and supportive clients.

Undine Miller